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Finance is available on all of our products and services

We are not a credit supplier, however, we work with a third party to make finance options available to you on all our Products and Services. Finance is available subject to suitability and is limited to £3000 borrowing over a period of 12 months. 0% APR available.

Contact Us 

Before we provide you with a quote, you can contact us to see how much you could borrow and the APR applicable to the loan.


Happy with your offer?

Once our credit provider has confirmed that you meet their criteria and have provided you an offer you are happy with, we can go ahead and start looking at the product and services you require. 


Proceeding with our products and services 

You will then provide us with a 50% deposit before our work commences. On completion of the work, our credit provider will then pay us the remaining balance that you owe and you shall continue to pay your monthly direct debit to our credit provider. 


What could this look like for you?

* If our service and products cost a total of £1500.00 

* You will pay 50% prior to work commencing totalling £750

* On the 0% APR finance plan, over 12 months you will pay £62.50 a month.

* This works out at around £2.30 a day!

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